Introduction to TRIMM

TRIMM (Terminal for Real-time Investment Monitoring and Management) is a user friend yet sophisticated asset management solution 
that works out-of-the-box with data and transaction connectivity.

Login and Navigate the Terminal

Welcome to HedgeSPA’s Terminal Solution, an easy-to-use, one-stop shop for investing and managing your portfolios. The Terminal Solution can deliver multi-scenario analysis, rebalance and adjust portfolios, measure market sentiment using AI and Big Data, and use many other tools to ensure that your portfolio meets its goals. 

From here, you can navigate anywhere in the Terminal. In the top left is the functionality menu labeled  Overview . This is a menu of all functionalities offered by the Terminal Solution, which are explained in more detail in the “Functionalities”  section in the Help Docs.

 Next to the  Functionalities  menu is the  Select  menu, which allows you to select your portfolio, model portfolio, scenario, and scenario set of choice. Finally, along the top right are three icons dealing with the user’s  profile information , and  settings , respectively. 






Model Portfolio



News & Research


Investor Portal