HedgeSPA CEO Dr. Bernard Lee has recently attended an interview with BFM89.9 in February 2014. As the author of Evolving Roles of Sovereign Wealth Managers After the Financial Crisis: Past, Present and Future, Dr. Lee has talked about some of the following key points during The Breakfast Grille of BFM:

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) – Strategies and Performance

  • Reasons for existence of SWF
  • Emergence of issues regarding the setup of SWF
  • Economics modeling and how it explains the differences in Western and Eastern economies in terms of commodities, consumption, debts and price levels
  • How a balanced economy can be attained
  • Actions of different countries such as the Chinese, Malaysian and Norwegian governments
  • Importance of intellectual property, transparency, research and development

Dr. Lee explains that the huge sovereign wealth fund financial resources could be perpetuating the West’s dominance in innovation and pricing to the disadvantage of SWF domiciles. The potential impacts of these scenarios have been constructed using the HedgeSPA platform and were discussed in his book.