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AssetSPA protects asset managers (e.g. hedge funds, fund houses) and large institutions (e.g. public investors, sovereigns) against severe portfolio drawdowns, recommends asset allocations under reasonable market scenarios, and helps select the most likely winning assets in recovering markets.

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EnergySPA protects the energy industry against severe losses on its assets, makes reallocation and reinvestment decisions under reasonable market scenarios, and helps identify winning strategies in recovering markets. Our team is blessed with unusually rich experience in energy and commodities. We have modeled customized user profiles representing upstream production, downstream production, refineries, energy trading books, energy-linked asset sponsors, as well as structured energy products such as collateralized oil fields.

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InsurSPA leverages the team’s substantial experience and award-winning track record in serving liability-driven investors, including multiple top insurers and pensions in the US and Europe.

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WealthSPA protects portfolios advised by wealth managers, private banks and family offices against severe drawdowns, makes asset allocations under market scenarios and helps select sinning assets in recovering markets.

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Scenario Analysis

HedgeSPA’s scenario analysis allows investment managers to efficiently apply market scenarios to a portfolio. Our research team proactively scans published research to construct scenarios. The scenario analysis service saves time by automatically sorting through each scenario. HedgeSPA uses typical research ranges, giving investment managers useful scenarios to start with, with the option of changing factor shocks if you do not fully agree with consensus views.

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Asset Selection

There are too many assets and too many factors for an investment manager to analyze manually, and there is simply not enough time. HedgeSPA’s Asset Selection Tool can choose assets that deliver persistent performance by removing beta exposures, which are cheap and can be easily implemented by ETFs. Our product detail functionality will show statistics and details about a specific asset, which will make it even easier for investment managers.

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Risk and Return Attribution

In order to get portfolios to certain targets, investors must know how much each of the asset classes and assets must contribute to the overall goal. With our risk and return attribution service, those investors can easily obtain in real time precise calculated results instead of doing complicated calculations themselves. By selecting an existing asset in a portfolio, investors can see how much revenue it is gaining and how much tail-risk it is contributing to the portfolio.

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Multi-Asset & Multi-Frequency

Most portfolios contain multiple classes of assets, such as some bonds, some equity, and some commodities. Because of this, the frequency of data processing is not the same for all assets, since some give daily prices, while others only give monthly prices. Most systems cannot handle multi-frequency data. However, HedgeSPA’s platform is able to analyze prices of several frequencies: it processes all these data separately and precisely and adds them to an existing portfolio.

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Factor Analysis

For portfolio managers, it is extremely important to understand what is causing bad performance in their portfolios. Experienced portfolio managers isolate problematic factors and replace the old asset with a new one that does not have the same factor. HedgeSPA’s performance universe comparison does this for you: it neutralizes the beta value to the factor so the manager can focus on stocks and other assets, experience less drawdown risk, and still have the same investment view as before.

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Workflow Automation

Manually generating reports is as tedious as it is necessary for investment managers, because although they would rather spend their time on improving their clients’ portfolios, they need to keep their clients updated at the same time. HedgeSPA’s reporting service can quickly and automatically generate unbiased client reports, thus saving investment managers time, money, and even human capital.

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