Family Office/EAM

An AI-enhanced Platform Which Offers a Fully-automated, Front-to-back, Institutional-grade Portfolio Management Solution

The professional staff at Family Offices (FOs) often see systems as a way to establish trust with the asset sponsor family: This may include issues such as cyber security and generating reliable daily P&L statements. Our platform solves these issues while allowing the younger generation to view more advanced portfolio analytics.

External Asset Managers (EAMs) are also subjected to challenges with on-boarding investors, integrating information from multiple custodians, consolidating P&L for different private bank accounts, and serving multiple members of the same family with different reporting requirements and investment styles.

Furthermore, the profitability and growth potential of FOs/EAMs are threatened by demonstrating differentiators against incumbent private banks, as well as a market environment of generally low yields and interest rates, leading to the ongoing difficulty of achieving the asset performance expected by investors.

At HedgeSPA, we offer an array of quality, tailored, and comprehensive set of products and services to External Asset Managers.  We offer a one-stop solution so the professional staff can grow the wealth of your asset sponsor families.  Our experienced staff and professional platform will give FOs and EAMs clear and easy access to day-to-day workflows with different custodians, analyze asset performance in individual portfolios and build trusted relationships with your asset sponsors to meet their growth, distribution, and other charitable objectives in the future:

  • Our AI-enhanced platform offers a fully-automated, front-to-back, institutional-grade portfolio management solution so you can compete on an equal footing with comparable solutions built by some of the largest global asset managers.
  • Our platform also offers a wide range of tailored portfolio management advice based on your customized parameters, so that you can maintain a clear differentiator from incumbents while scanning up-to-date news and announcements to keep on top of the ever-changing market environment without the need to hire an army of analysts.
  • Our syst platform is designed to consolidate P&L for multiple bank accounts for your clients on a daily basis. We have a transaction engine to make sure that this will continue to work regardless of whether the upstream position feeds may be broken. The solution even comes with a white-labelled portal for client reporting.
  • Our platform is designed to allow the younger generation (typically second or third generation) to actively participate in the management of the family wealth while allowing the professional team to focus on their day jobs.
  • Our platform also offers a wide range of asset-liability functionalities so that the family wealth can achieve optimal growth based on objectives.

Further details on our Terminal Solution are available from  Alternatively, please start with this 3-minute video introducing the Terminal Solution:

HedgeSPA Solutions


  • Drawdown control through actionable recommendations while proactively managing overall portfolio risk.
  • Holistic risk view of client assets parked at different custodians.


  • Let the machine do the tedious work. Our platform will systematically scan for opportunities across all asset classes and alert you to news and significant social media posts that you may have missed.
  • Allocate more time to do what you do best: coming up with investment insights, serving your clients with better investment advisory services, and constructing superior discretionary and/or non-discretionary investment strategies.


  • Access to securities, forex, precious metals, and investment funds anytime, anywhere.
  • No longer limited to operating in an office environment under the new normal.