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Book Talk @ CFA Singapore

//Book Talk @ CFA Singapore

Book Talk @ CFA Singapore

HedgeSPA Founder / Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Bernard Lee ran a talk at CFA Singapore on 2 January 2014 for his upcoming new book just released by World Scientific – Evolving Roles of Sovereign Wealth Managers after the Financial Crisis: Past, Present and Future.

During the event, he spoke on how large public surpluses can be managed in the context of saver and debtor countries.

Most of the real-life examples mentioned are based on sample portfolios which bear significance resemblance to major sovereign wealth funds. HedgeSPA advanced scenario analysis tool was used to stress-test these sample sovereign portfolios under different scenarios.

Sample scenarios include:

–         Mass Hoarding of Commodities

–         Major Default of Debt

–         Conflicts in East.

Stress-test Your Portfolios Under These Scenarios

Get in touch with a HedgeSPA representative at to find out more on getting a trial account suited to your investor profile today. You may also contact us if you miss the talk and are interested in summary slides.

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