HedgeSPA CEO Dr. Bernard Lee has had a paper on the use of volatility futures as hedging instruments accepted for presentation at the 25th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference. This conference is hosted by the Institute of Global Finance and the School of Banking & Finance at the Australian School of Business at UNSW.

The paper was also accepted for presentation at the 2012 International Conference on Finance hosted by the National Taiwan University.

In addition to its scientific content, the research in Dr. Lee’s paper describes the hedging methodologies currently implemented in the Hedging Palette analytics of the HedgeSPA platform.

In addition, the paper is currently under review for publication by a Special Issue of the Journal of Banking and Finance. Stay tuned for news from HedgeSPA about the status of this submission and details about the conference presentations.

If you are interested in a copy of the paper, you can inquire at salesnsupport@.com for more information.

HedgeSPA – Oct 31, 2012