Our AI platform can empower asset managers by doing the heavy lifting in every single step of a typical global multi-asset investment process for institutional investing.  We offer a fully-automated, front-to-back, institutional-grade portfolio management solution with significant improvements in both technology and methodology over legacy solutions built by some of the largest global asset managers.

  1. Cost vs Benefit: Asset managers get faster time to market and cheaper access to market data & exchange connectivity.
  2. Reduced Compliance Efforts with our compliance-quality documentation.
  3. Proven Target Investor Segmenting:  We help our users define digital strategies to target investor segments.
  1. Faster and better analytics
  2. for global multi-asset (stocks, bonds, real estate, alternatives, and commodities) using 4-th order mathematics
  3. with a true front to back system that allows easy integration with any institution
  4. in a user-friendly format/terminal
  5. to facilitate easier adherence to any compliance/regulatory rules
  6. with web delivery
  7. at a fraction of legacy system cost.
  1. Private Asset Managers: We work with some of the largest asset managers (some tied to insurance companies, thus the ALM angle) to build strong investment track records.
  2. Public Institutions: We work with government-linked institutions, pensions and central banks.
  3. Wealth Managers: We enhance wealth management offerings at leading private banks and External Asset Managers.
  4. Energy Market Participants: We work with a range of energy market participants, from mineral-wealth asset sponsors to tokenizing carbon credits.
  1. Asset Managers.
  2. Insurers.
  3. Pension Plans.
  4. Central bank or official institutions.
  5. Private banks.
  6. External Asset managers.
  7. Single and Multi-family offices.
  8. Energy trading groups.
  9. Alternative energy providers.