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HedgeSPA offers Sophisticated Predictive Analytics to hedge funds and large institutions. Our cloud-based investment analytics platform has been recognized by industry experts around the world as a powerful and proven tool for investment professionals.

Led by award-winning former BlackRock Managing Director, Dr. Bernard Lee, HedgeSPA’s predictive investment analytics platform helps professional investors harness the power of the internet and massive computing to achieve out-performance never thought possible: e.g. reducing peak-to-trough drawdown by as much as 75% ahead of global market storms, and delivering double-digit returns in a single quarter using a market-neutral selection of liquid technology stocks.

Our platform protects investment managers against severe portfolio drawdowns, recommends asset allocations under market scenarios, and helps select winning assets in recovering markets.

We offer four different cloud-based predictive analytics platforms: AssetSPA, EnergySPA, InsurSPA, WealthSPA. Each SPA serves a different industry vertical.

HedgeSPA’s real-time investment analytics allows you to transform market views into decisions. Our platform minimizes costly manual mistakes by automating day-to-day portfolio tasks so that you can focus on the important task of analyzing and interpreting outcomes.

All professional investment managers looking to make better investment decisions and realize their full business potential.

Simply put, HedgeSPA is faster, more precise, more affordable and more sophisticated.

Free trial accounts are available to professional users. Sign up for a trial account at

Our cloud-based platform is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS); no installation is necessary unless you require a local installation.

No, you will have access to online tutorials and help from our support team around the clock.

Our platform’s predictive analytics have proven their power in well-documented, high-profile market events. HedgeSPA has received numerous FinTech accolades, including being named a global FinTech leader by Venture Scanner and winning the Red Herring Global and Asia Top-100 Award.

You should receive automatic renewal notifications when your free trial account is about to expire, or you can email us at