Behind every great company is a great team. At HedgeSPA, we accept challenges, face them together, and make a difference. Sounds amazing? Come and join us.

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We are hiring in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo 

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Account Executive/ Sales Leader

Manage accounts and present our products to clients

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Legal/ Compliance Officer

Review our company's policy and manage compliance risk 


Office Administrator

Make sure everything in our offices works fine

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Business Analyst

Manage our projects against client requirements 

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Economic/ Market Analyst

Provide insights from market research and data analyses

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Portfolio Analytics Engineer

Support our products with the latest analytics

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Pre-Sales Support Specialist

Support and maintain communication among sales teams

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Customer Service Specialist

Communicate with clients and forward feedback

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Technical Support Specialist

Troubleshoot and guide clients through our products

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Quality Assurance Specialist

Maintain products quality and compliance of requirements

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Database Specialist 

Manage database installations and data integrity

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Integration Specialist

Integrate systems and products based on clients' goals

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Front-End Developer/ Programmer

Create UX and transform designs and functions to code

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Back-End Developer/ Programmer

Create and maintain algorithms, integrate software to systems

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System Programmer/ Integrator

Develop and maintain our product in cloud environments

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