Watch this 1 minute interview about our team members’ experience working in HedgeSPA!

Here are some of our team members’ testimonials!

As a quantitative analyst, I validated and tested the bond pricing modules. My experience here is both challenging and rewarding. By learning to do this from scratch, my knowledge in fixed-income securities is greatly enhanced, and more importantly, I learned how to solve problems instead of just replicating cookbook recipes.  – Sam

Working with HedgeSPA allows me to understand applications of big data and artificial intelligent in financial markets. The projects assigned are challenging and helped me develop my problem-solving skills.  – Minnie

HedgeSPA gave me a chance to single handedly build a demo web site. Although I have limited knowledge related to the finance industry prior to joining the team, being able to generate daily profit and loss reports through programming has definitely increased the depth of my understanding for this industry. – Megan

Understanding that blockchain and financial technology is the trend now, being able to gain first hand experience in this industry by producing materials that will be presented to potential investors and clients of HedgeSPA has certainly helped expand my professional horizon. – Yan Yiing

Working in HedgeSPA made me understand the differences between learning to write an R application in university and building a production quality deliverable for daily business use. I experienced the whole process of developing an automated deliverable to generate profit and loss data for portfolio rebalancing purpose, and that gave me more insights on how financial engineers build their businesses. – Allison

In my mind, Portfolio Management should be a subject that I learn from university training. Turns out that we have to learn a lot of small tasks in every step in the process before we understand the bigger picture. – Melody